October 1, 2023 10:37 pm
Sauce Gardner expresses frustration over dropped pick-six and fan criticism.

The Cowboys dominated the Jets in a 30-10 blowout victory. However, some believe that New York could have made it a closer game if Sauce Gardner had capitalized on a potential interception from Dak Prescott. At the time, the Jets were trailing 10-7 and Gardner had a chance to score a pick-six. Unfortunately, he dropped the ball and the Cowboys took advantage of this missed opportunity, converting on third down and ultimately scoring a touchdown to make it 17-7.

Reflecting on his mistake, Gardner acknowledged the importance of making crucial plays when given the opportunity. He expressed his frustration, recognizing that he doesn’t get many chances to make plays on the ball. Yet, he knows he must seize these opportunities. Gardner admitted that his focus on scoring and staying inbounds distracted him from catching the ball. He takes responsibility for his actions and vows to improve, understanding that he needs to contribute to the defense. Gardner emphasizes that there is no need to blame anyone; rather, the team must continue to work hard.

Gardner also experienced criticism on social media. A Cowboys fan blamed him for CeeDee Lamb’s 11 catches for 143 yards. Gardner didn’t appreciate the false accusation and disputed it through a post on X. Feeling frustrated by the constant mentions of his name on the app, he decided to deactivate his account. On Instagram, he sarcastically responded to the criticism, stating that 4 catches for 19 yards was a “Sophomore Slump,” implying that the criticism was unwarranted and exaggerated.

Despite his disappointment with the dropped interception, Gardner believed his overall performance in Week 2 was solid. He considered himself to have played well, aside from a few missed tackles. With his stellar track record, Gardner has established himself as one of the top cornerbacks in the NFL. Therefore, quarterbacks continue to avoid throwing in his direction whenever possible.

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