May 20, 2024 12:12 am
Can mobile apps combat street harassment?

Women may experience stress in various situations, such as poorly lit streets, empty subway cars or crowded spaces during events like the Paris Games. To address this concern, several applications are being developed to help women feel safer and facilitate police intervention. One such app is The Sorority, created in 2020 for an exclusively female audience. It allows users to alert the 50 closest people with their GPS position in case they feel unsafe. Other women in the area receive a notification and can offer help, contact the person in distress or notify the police if necessary.

Two popular apps, The Sorority and Come, have been created to provide safe places for people to seek refuge in case of danger. The Sorority has 90,000 verified users and collaborates with law enforcement to ensure a quick and effective response to alerts. Come also provides safe places for people to seek refuge in case of danger. These initiatives have been especially helpful for women who fear walking alone at night, as highlighted in a report by the Higher Council for Equality between Men and Women in France.

As the Olympic Games in Paris approach, these apps are preparing for potential increases in inappropriate behavior and violence against women. With a focus on training volunteers and raising awareness about such issues, Come is working closely with the Olympic Games Organization Committee (COJO). These efforts aim to create a safer environment for visitors and locals during the events.

In conclusion, collaboration between safety apps, law enforcement and public institutions is crucial in providing support and protection to women in vulnerable situations. By empowering individuals to seek help and creating networks of safe places, these initiatives contribute to a safer and more inclusive community for everyone particularly during large-scale events like the Olympic Games.

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