May 24, 2024 1:35 am
In a single day, Russia unleashes two large-scale bombings on Ukraine

On Monday morning, Kyiv experienced a sudden bombardment by the Russian Armed Forces deployed in Crimea. Several hypersonic ballistic missiles fired from the illegally annexed peninsula reached the capital, causing damage in three districts. This marked the third attack on Kyiv in five days and the fourth large-scale attack on multiple Ukrainian provinces.

Ukraine faces a serious deficit in anti-aircraft ammunition, leading to bursts of anti-aircraft machine gun fire in an attempt to shoot down the missiles. Ukrainian officials have stressed the need for more anti-aircraft defenses to protect cities and save lives. The use of Zircon missiles, an innovative weapon in Russia’s arsenal, was identified by Russian and Ukrainian military analysts as being used for the first time against Kyiv in February. At least five explosions were heard as interceptors managed to bring down two of the projectiles, but not before they had caused significant damage.

In Odessa, at least two large explosions were reported near the Sports Palace, resulting in injuries and damage to civilian structures. The Russian military intensified its bombings against Ukrainian targets, including power grids and military installations, following accusations by Russian President Vladimir Putin against Ukrainian authorities. Ukraine responded with bomb drone attacks on Russian oil refineries, leading to disruptions in fuel production. These events have triggered retaliatory bombings by the Russian army against Ukrainian cities and military targets. The conflict continues to escalate, with both sides engaging in strategic attacks and counterattacks.

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