May 24, 2024 1:50 am
After three months of silence, liaison table reiterates demand for extension of rule increasing credit costs for producers

In a recent meeting, representatives from rural entities pleaded with Santiago Bausili, the president of the Central Bank (BCRA), for a hearing to discuss their concerns about rising credit costs and the risks posed by food imports to producers. The request came after three months of unanswered correspondence regarding extensions to rules affecting wheat and soybean producers, as well as the impact of excessive tax increases and new fees on local producers.

The ruralists also raised concerns about the potential negative effects of food imports on local producers if equal conditions were not maintained. They stressed the importance of addressing these issues to promote a favorable environment for agricultural activities.

In addition to these concerns, the liaison table expressed dissatisfaction with high vaccine costs at the beginning of a foot and mouth disease vaccination campaign. They announced a consultation period within their entities to gather feedback on vaccine costs and plan an examination in collaboration with relevant organizations to determine specific factors influencing prices. The liaison table highlighted the urgent need for fiscal measures to ease financial strain on producers and support economic growth in rural areas.

Overall, representatives from rural entities emphasized the importance of addressing these issues in order to promote sustainable agricultural practices and support economic growth in their communities.

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