October 1, 2023 2:59 pm
Roanoke’s Gun Violence: A Outcome of Poverty, Job Scarcity, and Mental Overall health Challenges

Roanoke City has skilled a considerable enhance in murders, with 26 currently reported in 2023, the highest quantity considering that the 1970s. Nicole Ross, a member of the outreach and help group FEDUP and Roanoke City’s Gun Violence Prevention Commission, expressed her issues about the influence of gun violence on the neighborhood. She believes that the neighborhood is becoming desensitized to the violence and shared a private practical experience of witnessing gunshots at the Melrose library. Ross highlighted things such as poverty, unemployment, and untreated mental well being challenges as contributors to the violence. She emphasized the will need for a modify in the culture and encouraged the neighborhood to come with each other and help a single one more in order to combat the anger and hurt that leads to violence.

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