June 23, 2024 10:21 pm
The Impact of Inflation and the Economy on North Carolina Voters

As the cost of groceries and gas continues to rise, many people are struggling to afford these essential items. A local teacher and a college student both expressed their concerns about the rising costs. With the election just months away, polls are likely to change as voters focus on their weekly experiences and the economy remains a primary concern.

Recent polling shows that Joe Biden is closing in on Donald Trump, with Trump’s lead decreasing from 11 points to four points since February. Dr. Scott Huffmon, Director of the Center for Public Opinion & Policy Research at Winthrop University, explains that voters are focused on their weekly experiences and the economy remains a primary issue that they are considering when deciding their vote.

While some people prioritize economic issues when making their vote decision, others believe that having a strong leader making sound judgments is more important. The May inflation report is set to be released soon, with the feds targeting a 2 percent inflation rate. Despite inflation holding at 3.5 percent since October, consumer spending remains steady. Key takeaways from the May report will be shared on the News @ Ten on Wednesday.

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