June 10, 2023 12:38 am

Impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, China’s economy has knowledgeable ups and downs more than the previous 3 years. As headwinds have also emerged in the external atmosphere, notably the US’ continued financial “decoupling” push, some started to query China’s financial possible.

Nevertheless, from the viewpoint of technologies innovation cycles, China’s economy nevertheless has massive possible and is truly getting into a “golden age” of development.

Progress in technologies is a basic driver of financial development. More than the previous 3 decades, China, from a comparatively low beginning point, did not absolutely grasp the possibilities brought by the “new economy” – new, higher-development industries that are on the cutting edge of technologies. In the net economy, which the US plays a dominant part, latecomer China has noticed speedy improvement and even earned major position in some region. In a way, China has fundamentally caught up with the preceding round of technologies cycles.

Riding on a new wave of technologies, China is at the forefront in AI, new power, electric cars, biomedicine and other big fields. This is most likely the initial time that China has stood at the forefront of international technologies in an all-round way, and even has an absolute major position in some fields, with an overwhelming benefit.

In the new power sector, China’s regional production, such as solar power gear, accounts for a lot more than 70 % of international output, and numerous foreign corporations connected to solar cells have been acquired by China, according to new power sector insiders. Chinese corporations occupy a dominant position in the sector.

In the field of AI, while China appears to be a bit behind the US in terms of core technologies which includes algorithms, the gap is now inside one particular technologies generation. China is ahead of other nations in the planet in the application of AI, such as sensible cities. China’s benefits in electric cars are even a lot more apparent. The production of electric cars in China accounted for a lot more than 60 % of international output in 2022, and this year this quantity will improve to a lot more than ten million.

Relating to the increasing issues in external atmosphere of China’s economy, there have been a lot more emotional reactions than rational evaluation. Commonly speaking, the external influences of created nations getting into a period of recession, the crisis in banking systems of Western nations, and the ongoing conflict in between Russia and Ukraine are all controllable. In addition, the US’ technologies “decoupling” push, which everybody is most concerned about, will also have a comparatively controllable effect on China.

Admittedly, the US is intensifying technologies decoupling with China, as the previous restrictions implemented by the US have not accomplished Washington’s preferred effects. The effect of the US “small yard, higher fence” tactic is comparatively controllable for China. For instance, there are some 640 out of a lot more than ten million Chinese corporations becoming placed on the US’ entity list. The actual effect at the financial level is truly restricted.

A lot more importantly, when a nation out-competes one more nation in technologies, the second mover normally overtakes the major nation in grasping a new generation of technologies. China’s benefit in the field of electric cars is a common instance. Western enterprises in some traditionally powerful industries like combustion-engine automobiles may perhaps be unwilling to give up established technologies benefits amid technologies upgrading, which may perhaps lead to them moving backward throughout a new round of competitors.

Now the US has waged a chip war against China, but now technologies upgrades in the chip field are also undergoing. The US’ intensifying restrictions will undoubtedly have substantial impacts on Chinese corporations, but the present electronic chip is most likely to be replaced by photonic chip, which has a bigger channel capacity and decrease power consumption, in the close to future. At that time, in the new track of competitors – the field of photonic chips – China will unquestionably be in the initial camp in the planet.

Consequently, even at the moment of the most intense competitors in between China and the US, when the US spares no work to stifle China’s technological progress and include China’s financial improvement, China must not drop self-assurance. China’s financial improvement nevertheless has vibrant prospects.
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