February 23, 2024 12:49 am
“Cutting-Edge Technology for Tomorrow’s Grocery Industry” – Progressive Grocer

At NRF 2024, the Innovation Lab showcased cutting-edge technology solutions, including smart shopping carts. This “headless checkout” concept, described by Wink CEO Deepak Jain, is already in use in Asia and expected to make its way to North America soon. Jain explained that the checkout process can occur anywhere with no need for a credit card, as the necessary information is already entered into the system on an opt-in basis. The platform is also device agnostic, setting it apart from other payment solutions.

One potential use case for grocers is preventing minors from purchasing age-restricted products. Another use case is enabling shoppers to retrieve ordered products from smart lockers. Jain mentioned that one grocer had expressed interest in adopting the solution for this use. Bold Commerce co-founder Jay Myers emphasized that the platform can address the issue of cart abandonment in e-commerce by speeding up the transaction process, as no credit card is required to complete the order.

In response to whether the platform could be manipulated, Jain assured that it is equipped to distinguish between similar-looking individuals and living people versus dummies or photographs. In cases of doubt, the authentication process is enhanced by requesting the individual’s voice, as each person’s voice is unique. The future of technology looks fascinating, with possibilities that could include showing your face before retrieving items from a smart locker, as demonstrated at NRF 2024.

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