May 21, 2024 1:23 pm
The Institutes Launches Business Professional Designation Program Targeting Markets

The Target Markets Program Administrators Association (TMPAA) and The Institutes Knowledge Group have teamed up to create a new credential for program insurance professionals called the Program Business Professional (PBP) designation. This designation is set to be launched officially in May at the upcoming TMPAA Mid-Year Meeting on May 14, replacing the TMPAA’s current Certified Programs Leader (CPL) designation.

The PBP designation program is a unique blend of program business-specific content and educational courses from The Institutes’ CPCU designation program. This offers professionals an opportunity to advance their careers in program business while earning credit towards additional Institutes Designations. Gene Abbey, Director of Insurance Education and Services at TMPAA, stated that the PBP designation aims to elevate the standards of excellence within the program business sector and align with the evolving landscape of program business.

Greg Thompson, a long-time TMPAA Advisory Board Member and program consultant, mentioned that the current Certified Programs Leader (CPL) educational product was established 12 years ago and has benefited many individuals. However, by collaborating with The Institutes, there is an opportunity to offer even greater value through the PBP designation. Adam Carmichael, CPCU, President of The Institutes Knowledge Group, emphasized the dedication to providing knowledge and skills needed to excel in program business through the development and launch of the Program Business Professional designation. This marks a significant milestone in the industry, emphasizing the commitment to providing industry professionals with a cutting-edge and comprehensive educational platform.

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