December 1, 2023 10:20 am

Meta has recently unveiled two new tools as part of its Expressive Media Universe (EMU) technology that focus on image editing and video generation. These new tools are designed to improve the precision and control of image editing and video generation processes, further enhancing the capabilities of the EMU founding content generation model.

The first tool, EMU edit, is a generative AI technology that allows for precise image editing from text instructions. It uses computer vision tasks as instructions for image generation models, improving the precision and control of the editing process. The EMU edit tool can modify specific pixels in an input image without affecting the entire image, making it ideal for targeted edits in messaging applications.

The second tool, EMU video, is designed to facilitate the generation of videos from a text description through a unified architecture that responds to different types of inputs. It uses diffusion models to generate videos, providing a streamlined process for video generation tasks. With this tool, users can create videos from written descriptions with ease, without needing to have any prior experience in video production.

Overall, these new tools are a significant step forward in image editing and video generation for Meta. They offer advanced features for precise and controlled editing, as well as efficient video generation from text descriptions. With these tools at their disposal, Meta is poised to continue pushing the boundaries of content creation and innovation in this space.

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