April 23, 2024 2:16 pm
Just Walk Out technology is being removed by Amazon from its Fresh grocery stores in the US

Amazon is revamping its Amazon Fresh stores by removing the Just Walk Out technology and replacing it with smart carts. This decision comes after feedback from customers who wanted to see their receipts and savings as they shopped. The company will focus on remodeling existing stores and selectively opening new ones as part of its efforts to make physical grocery more impactful.

While the Just Walk Out technology will no longer be available in Amazon Fresh stores, it will still be offered in Amazon Go stores and some smaller Amazon Fresh stores in the U.K. Additionally, the company will continue offering the technology to third-party retailers, providing a cashier-free shopping experience. With this shift in technology at Amazon Fresh stores, customers will now have the convenience of skipping the checkout line while also being able to track their spending in real time, addressing the needs and preferences of shoppers.

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