October 2, 2023 8:35 am
Raytown students style new exhibit at Science City

Science City in Union Station is set to have a grand opening for its most up-to-date exhibit, which was developed by students. The Raytown Challenge Gifted Plan, consisting of more than 40 students, won the grand prize in the Burns &amp McDonnell Battle of the Brains competitors in March 2022. Their proposal for a robotics-themed exhibit earned them $50,000 in grant dollars and the possibility to collaborate with STEM pros at Burns &amp McDonnell to bring their notion to life as a $1 million exhibit at Science City.

The students, thrilled with their achievement, had the chance to meet with the builders and go over their plans for the exhibit. They also engaged in numerous activities and offered feedback on what they wanted to see and any improvements that could be created. The exhibit, named “Riveting Robots,” will have the students’ college name on it, a supply of pride for them.

Science City employees shared that the Riveting Robotics space will be a exceptional addition to Kansas City. The exhibit consists of eight pieces, which includes Robothespian, Gripper Show, Mission: Code, I-Sight, Race a Robot, Co-Operation, Develop a Bot, and Lace ‘Em Up. Additional than half of the 92,000 square foot space at Science City was designed via the Battle of the Brains competitors, which has noticed more than six,400 student participants given that its inception in 2011.

The grand opening of the exhibit marks an thrilling milestone for Science City and the talented students who contributed their tips and efforts to make it a reality.

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