October 1, 2023 3:20 pm
Rare Sports Cards and Collectibles Available at RIP Valley in Downtown Phoenix

Former entertainment executive Brandon Dixon has had a passion for collecting sports cards since he was a young child. When his brother and his brother’s business partner presented him with their idea of creating a unique card shop that offered more than just sports cards, he was immediately intrigued. This idea became a reality in February 2023 with the opening of RIP Valley in Downtown Phoenix. The name, RIP Valley, is a combination of the slang term for opening a pack of cards, “rip,” and a reference to the Valley of the Sun. Dixon expresses his enthusiasm for the venture, stating that they have learned a lot and are loving the experience of running the shop.

RIP Valley primarily attracts male customers between the ages of 18 and 50, but Dixon is quick to note that they also have a growing number of female customers who share a love for both Pokémon and sports. Alongside sports cards, RIP Valley also offers a variety of other collectibles including sneakers, comics, toys, and autographed items. Notable among their collection is a size 22 sneaker signed by Shaquille O’Neal.

One unique aspect of RIP Valley is their “Live Breaks” experience. Similar to the “Hot Doughnuts” sign at Krispy Kreme, the bright neon “Live Breaks” light indicates that a live card break is taking place. A card break refers to collectors pooling their resources to purchase a share of a box or case of cards in the hopes of finding valuable cards. Before the break, the host, referred to as the “breaker,” assigns a price to each sports team based on various factors. Collectors then bid on a team with the hope of obtaining valuable cards. However, there is always an element of uncertainty as participants may walk away with highly valuable cards or with nothing at all. Breaks can also take place in different formats, such as serial number breaks, alphabet breaks, and randomized breaks where participants are assigned random teams. Dixon compares this experience to gambling, adding an extra layer of excitement to the collecting process.

RIP Valley is located at 1014 N. Second St. in Phoenix and can be reached at 602-345-0711. Further information can be found on their website at ripvalley.com.

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