June 23, 2024 10:14 pm
Benny Gantz urges post-war strategy for Gaza and issues ultimatum to Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing pressure from his main rival, Benny Gantz, to adopt a strategic action plan regarding the post-war situation in the Gaza Strip. If Netanyahu fails to comply with Gantz’s demands by June 8, Gantz has threatened to resign from the government.

Gantz, a former Minister of Defense and leader of the National Union Party, joined the National Unity War Cabinet following an attack by Hamas that resulted in over 1,170 deaths in Israel. The cabinet must formulate and approve an action plan to achieve six strategic national objectives.

One of the key objectives of the plan outlined by Gantz is to establish an American-European-Arab-Palestinian administration to manage civil affairs in Gaza and create a future alternative to Hamas and Mahmoud Abbas. Gantz also called for normalization of relations with Saudi Arabia to form an alliance against Iran and its allies. Netanyahu responded by accusing Gantz of seeking to overthrow the government and create a Palestinian state.

With Likud lacking a parliamentary majority, Netanyahu leads a right-wing coalition in Israel. Gallant, the Defense Minister, has also pressured Netanyahu to establish a government alternative to Hamas in Gaza and opposes Israeli civil or military administration in the region. The ongoing offensive initiated in response to the October attack has resulted in significant casualties and tensions remain high as Gantz and other members of the cabinet push for strategic action to address the conflict.

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