June 23, 2024 8:54 pm
Why is it challenging to reach the Iranian president’s plane after being in an accident?

President Raisi and Foreign Minister Amir Abdollahian were traveling to East Azerbaijan Province on a presidential convoy of three helicopters when they encountered harsh weather conditions in the Dezmar Forest between Varazgan and Julfa, 600 kilometers northwest of Tehran. The accident was reported by BBC Persian, which stated that the incident took place on the border with Azerbaijan, 600 kilometers northwest of Tehran. Rescuers faced challenges due to heavy rain and wind as they tried to reach the crash site.

While two of the helicopters safely returned to Tabriz with ministers and officials on board, specialized teams were working tirelessly to find the third helicopter carrying President Raisi. The Minister of Interior confirmed that rescue operations were ongoing despite the difficult weather conditions, but did not confirm or deny Raisi’s presence on the helicopter.

The accident occurred while Raisi was scheduled to open a dam in Azerbaijan with President Ilham Aliyev. The two countries had worked together on building three dams on the Aras River and had other joint development projects in progress. As rescue teams continued their efforts to locate the missing helicopter, uncertainty remained about what would happen next.

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