December 1, 2023 10:44 am

During Sunday’s game in Buffalo, the Jets struggled to keep up with their opponents on the field. However, things took an unexpected turn after the game when players from both teams got into a fight in the tunnel. According to Connor Hughes of SNY, it all started with Bills tackle Dion Dawkins and Jets defensive lineman Micheal Clemons, who were involved in an earlier incident during the game where Dawkins received a personal foul for unnecessary roughness.

The altercation escalated quickly and soon attracted other players from both sides. One Bills player shouted “and we beat that ass, too” as the fight was being broken up. Both teams had been on frustrating runs leading up to Sunday’s game, and it seemed like their frustrations finally boiled over during the 32-6 loss.

As they prepare to face the Dolphins on Black Friday, the Jets will need to regroup quickly if they want any chance of turning things around. The fight in Buffalo was just one example of how tempers can flare under pressure, and they will need to channel their emotions in a more productive way if they want to succeed on the field.

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