May 24, 2024 12:21 am
Pope’s Extended Silence at Palm Sunday Mass Sparks Speculation About Health During Easter

The Pope’s health has been a concern once again after he failed to give the homily during Palm Sunday celebrations, leaving many in attendance in a state of confusion. Despite his age and respiratory problems that make it difficult for him to give long speeches, Francis resumed the ceremony with the Creed and spoke briefly at the end, condemning a terrorist attack in Moscow.

However, his silence during the celebration sparked questions about his health, with some speculating that he may have decided to take a moment of collective reflection. The Vatican did not provide an explanation for the Pope’s silence, only stating that since the homily was not delivered, it was “non-existent.”

One of his collaborators usually reads his speeches, but Sunday’s silence was an unusual occurrence where the Pope did not offer any explanation. The Pope has been facing respiratory problems that make it difficult for him to give long speeches due to persistent coughing attacks.

Despite these challenges, Francis continues to carry out his duties as the head of the Vatican State and leader of the Catholic Church. However, questions have arisen about his ability to fulfill upcoming commitments, including a trip to Venice and the second part of the Synod of Synods in October.

The Pope’s surgeon, Dr. Sergio Alfieri, has reassured that while Francis faces health challenges as an older individual and head of state with many responsibilities ahead of him, he is in good health overall. With a busy schedule ahead that includes trips to Slovenia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia, Francis will need to balance his health with his commitments efficiently.

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