May 24, 2024 1:51 am
LC Sheriff Attributes Arrest Following Pursuit to Technology

In a thrilling chase that lasted for hours, Lake County Sheriff’s Department officers were able to make an arrest of a stolen car driver on Tuesday. Pam Jones, the spokesperson for the department, said that it was thanks to their license plate reader network that an officer received an alert just before noon on March 26. The alert warned of a stolen vehicle traveling eastbound on the Borman expressway.

When the officer attempted to make a traffic stop, the driver took off in a high-speed chase. The fleeing driver led officers through Gary and Lake Station before eventually heading south into Porter County on Indiana Highway 49. In order to stop the vehicle, officers performed a maneuver and were successful in arresting the driver without any incident.

It was later confirmed that the vehicle had been reported stolen from Broadview, Illinois. Lake County Sheriff Oscar Martinez Jr. praised technology as a crucial tool in quickly resolving crimes such as stolen vehicle cases and helping law enforcement take individuals into custody before they can commit further crimes. He expressed his commitment to investing in new technology to support officers in their duties. Michelle L. Quinn, who is a freelance reporter for the Post-Tribune, contributed to this report.

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