December 7, 2023 3:36 am has released their inaugural State of the Philadelphia Tech Economy Report, marking a new chapter for the company after a period of change due to the pandemic. The report, which is supported by various organizations including the City of Philadelphia Department of Commerce, Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Morgan Lewis, the Penn Center for Innovation, and Silicon Valley Bank, will be published for each market that serves.

The report can be downloaded for free with the requirement of sharing your name, email and job title. Inside the report, there will be data and analysis including independent analysis of Philadelphia’s tech economy at a national level. It will also include examples of their journalism such as Thriving series and profiles of individuals who best exemplify the region through RealLISTs.

It’s important to note that in this report terminology used like technology, startups and innovation are used semi-interchangeably with phrases like community, ecosystem and economy. However each phrase has a subtly different meaning. The report is intentionally directed at the region’s tech economy focusing on its economic impact on research businesses and workforce in emerging inventions like software.

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