September 27, 2023 12:51 am
Panelist, “TheraCover™ – The Foundation of Accessibility,” Psychedelic Science Conference 2023

Companion Kimberly Chew will seem on a panel at the 2023 Psychedelic Science Conference in Denver.

Men and women delivering psychedelic assisted therapy face a wide array of evolving dangers, and the experienced protection they require to confidently present that care hasn’t been broadly accessible—until now. For the duration of this interactive conversation, Kimberly and experts from Baldwin Threat Partners, Viewpoint Wellness, Ziese Farms, and Capstone Management will share how this gap has been transformed into a strong foundation for providers to effortlessly access insurance coverage coverage via TheraCover™. Accompanied by insurance and psychedelic wellness authorities, Kimberly will tap into the significance of the plan, how it will aid transform the business, and how it can empower care providers to concentrate on sufferers, not risks.

Leslie Nylund, Baldwin Threat Partners
Leslie Sealey, Baldwin Threat Partners
Justin Lubin, Viewpoint Wellness
Kimberly Chew, Husch Blackwell
David Heldreth, Ziese Farms
Nino Pedrini, Capstone Management

Discover a lot more about the conference right here.

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