October 1, 2023 3:42 pm
PAN OCEAN’s LNG Carrier to Receive Advanced Technology Installation by Samsung Heavy Industries

Samsung Heavy Industries and PAN OCEAN have officially announced a collaboration to develop comprehensive digital solutions with a focus on maximizing operational efficiency through a digital platform. Samsung plans to integrate its ‘Digital Twin-based Ship Management’ platform into Pan Ocean’s LNG carrier, NEW APEX, in January 2024 for a demonstration. This AI-based platform will analyze navigation data in real-time, allowing for integrated management and maintenance of all ship systems, leading to cost savings in ship operation. After the demonstration, both companies plan to continue collaborating to expand the application of digital solutions for autonomous navigation.

President of Samsung Heavy Industries, Jung Jin-taek, stated that the company is focusing on Digital Twin technology and aims to enhance its skills through this collaboration to lead the global market. CEO of PAN OCEAN, Ahn Jung-ho, mentioned that significant changes in the maritime transport sector are expected due to digitalization requirements driven by communication networks, environmental regulations, and energy conservation. PAN OCEAN aims to set the standards for digitalization in the shipping industry through this collaboration.

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