December 1, 2023 10:53 am

Turkish Central Bank Chairman İbrahim Ömer Gönül has addressed the growing number of investors in the Stock Exchange and public offerings in recent years. He emphasized the need for increasing demand for the stock market and urged new investors to approach it with a logical investment strategy.

Gönül acknowledged that the rising interest in the stock market is due to people seeking new ways to grow their money. However, he also highlighted the potential impact of increasing deposit interest rates on public offerings and stock market interest, emphasizing the importance of careful market regulation.

The CMB has received nearly 100 public offering applications, which highlights the importance of evaluating companies’ ability to meet market demands and necessary conditions. Gönül also stressed the need to carefully consider the size of public offerings and their demand.

One significant trend brought about by increasing public offerings in Turkey is an influx of new investors who may not have basic investment knowledge. Gönül warned these investors to approach public offerings with a professional investor mindset and seek guidance from financial professionals.

When asked about future approval processes, Gönül reiterated his commitment to acting cautiously while maintaining his principles. He also addressed challenges posed by large volume transactions and movements in the stock market, emphasizing the need for close monitoring and cooperation with the Stock Exchange to maintain stability.

Overall, Gönül’s statements underscored the importance of approaching investing in a rational manner, with careful consideration given to necessary regulations and evaluation processes for companies seeking entry into the stock market.

Gönül acknowledged that there are many people seeking new ways to grow their money, but this should not come at any cost or compromise on responsible investing practices. He urged potential investors to be cautious when entering into public offerings or investing in individual stocks.

Gönül also reminded investors that they must take responsibility for their investments, including researching companies before making any decisions. He encouraged them to seek advice from financial professionals who can help them make informed decisions.

As more people enter into investing, it is important that they understand what they are getting themselves into before making any decisions. This will help protect them from fraudulent schemes or unwise investments that could result in significant losses.

In conclusion, Gönül’s message was clear: approaching investing responsibly is crucial if we want to see long-term success in our economy. By taking a well-informed approach and being cautious when making investment decisions, we can ensure that our investments will pay off in the long run.

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