June 10, 2023 1:46 am

The Academy of Motion Image Arts and Sciences has added a new branch, the Production and Technologies Branch, AMPAS announced on Friday afternoon.

The Production and Technologies Branch will be the initial new branch added to the Academy given that the Casting Directors Branch was developed in 2013. It will bring the total quantity of AMPAS branches to 18.

Whilst the other 17 Academy branches are every single represented by 3 members on the Academy’s Board of Governors, the Production and Technologies Branch will initially be represented by a single governor, bringing the total quantity of governors to 55.

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Whilst the conversation in current years has centered on the creation of a new Oscar for casting, which has its personal branch, and stunt function, which does not, the Production and Technologies Branch was developed to broaden the board’s discussion of a altering market.

Its members, according to the Academy press release, will incorporate “chief technologies officers, senior division heads in technologies and inventive solutions, and preservation and restoration specialists. In addition, credited production roles, like stunt coordinators, script supervisors, choreographers, music supervisors, colorists, line producers and associate producers will be a portion of the branch.”

The initial governor of the new branch will be selected through board elections this summer season.

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