March 4, 2024 12:12 pm
Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang: The Cost of Developing AI Shouldn’t Reach $7 Trillion

As the CEO of Nvidia Corp., Jensen Huang is confident that the cost of developing artificial intelligence will remain well below the $7 trillion that Sam Altman is reportedly fundraising. He believes that advances in computing over the next few years will contribute to this, with faster computers reducing the total amount needed for AI development.

Speaking at the World Government Summit in Dubai, Huang emphasized that simply buying more computers is not the only factor to consider. Instead, it is important to also anticipate that computers will become faster, reducing the overall amount required. As the maker of the most sought-after AI accelerators, he is optimistic about the chip industry’s ability to drive down the cost of AI as these components continue to be made faster.

Huang’s confidence in the future of AI development is rooted in both his optimism about technology and his belief in innovation. He sees these factors working together to keep costs manageable and make artificial intelligence accessible to more people and businesses around the world.

As AI continues to grow in popularity and importance, there are concerns about how expensive it will become for developers to create new systems. However, Huang believes that these costs can be kept low through advancements in computing technology and innovation within the chip industry.

Overall, Huang’s outlook on AI development remains positive, as he sees continued growth and potential for innovation in this field. With a focus on speed and efficiency, he believes that developers can continue to create new systems without breaking their budgets or limiting accessibility for users around the world.

In conclusion, Jensen Huang has expressed his confidence that AI development costs will remain below $7 trillion with advancements in computing over time. He believes that faster computers will reduce overall needs for development while innovation within chip industry will drive down costs even further. His optimism for AI development reflects his belief in technology and innovation which makes him one of most respected leaders in tech industry today.

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