October 1, 2023 4:33 pm
NFIB’s Holly Wade Gives Testimony to U.S. Property Committee on Tiny Enterprise Subcommittee – In Case You Missed It
NFIB’s Holly Wade Provides Testimony to U.S. House Committee on Small Business Subcommittee – In Case You Missed It


In her testimony ahead of the U.S. Property Committee on Tiny Enterprise Subcommittee on Financial Development, Tax, and Capital Access, Holly Wade, the Executive Director of the NFIB Investigation Center, discussed the financial challenges that little organizations are presently facing. She highlighted numerous crucial challenges, such as the increasing price of financing, burdensome regulatory needs, and the upcoming expiration of the 20% Tiny Enterprise Deduction.

Wade emphasized the value of building an atmosphere that enables little organizations to develop and thrive. She noted that these organizations are grappling with several financial headwinds such as higher inflation, disruptions in the provide chain, and widespread workforce shortages. All of these things contribute to a difficult competitive landscape for little organizations nationwide.

Furthermore, Wade highlighted how little organization owners are hindered by the unprecedented development of burdensome regulations and red tape, specifically below the Biden Administration. She also drew consideration to the impending expiration of the 20% Tiny Enterprise Deduction, which is set to take place at the finish of 2025. These things generate uncertainty and limit the capacity of little organizations to expand and operate effectively.

To mitigate the financial challenges facing little organizations, Wade urged Congress to give relief from burdensome regulations and eradicate the possible threat of tax increases. She emphasized the have to have for certainty in order for little organizations to make investments, develop, and thrive. Wade expressed her gratitude to the committee for the chance to testify on behalf of little organizations and conveyed her hope that Congress will address their issues.


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