May 24, 2024 1:20 am
The Impact of New Technology on Eating Habits of Nazareth Students

In a groundbreaking move, Nazareth University in Pittsford, New York has taken the concept of “farm to table” to new heights by introducing a Babylon micro-farm on campus. This state-of-the-art facility is dedicated to growing fresh herbs and vegetables that are used in the university’s dining center, starting with the pizza station.

The Babylon micro-farm was installed in January with the goal of providing students with fresh, locally grown, and sustainable ingredients year-round. Chefs like Philip Realbuto, who serves as the pizza chef at Nazareth University, are thrilled about this new development. Realbuto believes that fresh is always best and takes inspiration from Italian pizzerias when creating his dishes. He recently made a mouthwatering margarita pizza using freshly picked basil from the Babylon micro-farm located just steps away from the kitchen.

This innovative partnership between Nazareth University and Babylon is setting a new standard for campus dining across the country. By prioritizing sustainability and local sourcing, Nazareth University is enhancing not only its own culinary creations but also providing students with access to high-quality ingredients that they can taste in every dish they enjoy. The direct source of herbs enables chefs like Realbuto to showcase their talents and create delicious meals without worrying about delivery schedules or transportation costs associated with transporting produce off-campus.

The Babylon micro-farm represents a unique and innovative solution to traditional problems faced by universities when it comes to providing their students with fresh food options. With this new addition to its campus, Nazareth University is leading the way in promoting sustainability while also enhancing its culinary offerings for students.

Overall, this development represents an exciting opportunity for chefs like Realbuto to work with locally grown ingredients and create dishes that are both flavorful and healthy. It also highlights the importance of sustainability in modern society and shows how universities can take action towards reducing their carbon footprint while improving their student experience at the same time.

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