December 1, 2023 9:07 am

In a recent interview, Teresa K. Woodruff, PhD praised the Biden White House for its first-ever White House Initiative on Women’s Health Research. Woodruff believes that women’s health should be the starting point for personalized medicine, as it will lead to better well-being, improved generational health, and promote fundamental fairness.

Woodruff has been advocating for the inclusion of sex as a biological variable in research for years. She has published work showing that this is often overlooked in published papers, leading to a male-skewed pipeline from bench discovery through therapeutic intervention. The Biden White House initiative aims to address this issue and promote individual health across various aspects such as heart health, immune health, and microbiome.

Furthermore, Woodruff believes that the focus on women’s health will result in better generational health for future generations. Maternal health is crucial to ensuring healthy offspring, and the White House initiative will also address maternal mortality rates and provide better healthcare services to women before, during, and after pregnancy.

Finally, Woodruff emphasizes that prioritizing women’s health will bring about fundamental fairness and address longstanding issues related to women’s health. When everyone benefits from improvements in women’s healthcare, it leads to better outcomes not only for individuals but also for groups as a whole.

The Biden White House initiative on Women’s Health Research is a crucial step towards promoting personalized medicine that prioritizes women’s health. It will lead to better well-being, improved generational health and promote fundamental fairness by addressing issues related to sex as a biological variable in research.

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