April 20, 2024 5:12 am
The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Hosts First-ever Regional Science Bowl

The Regional Science Bowl took place at Southeast New Mexico College with seven teams competing for a chance to showcase their knowledge at a prestigious national academic science competition. Among these teams, the New Mexico Military Institute team emerged victorious, comprised of two sophomores, a junior, and a senior. Their exceptional knowledge in math and science helped them secure the No. 1 title, earning them a spot at the upcoming national competition scheduled for April 25-29.

The competition was fierce as each team displayed their expertise in various scientific fields. With all teams putting their best foot forward, it was a challenging yet exciting event for both participants and spectators. The New Mexico Military Institute team’s dedication and hard work paid off as they claimed the top spot, showcasing their talent and abilities on a national stage.

The Regional Science Bowl serves as a platform for students to not only test their knowledge but also to learn and grow in the field of science. It provides an opportunity for young minds to come together, share ideas, and compete in a friendly yet competitive environment. The success of the New Mexico Military Institute team is a testament to their commitment to excellence and their passion for science. Congratulations to them on their well-deserved victory!

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