April 20, 2024 4:00 am
Extensions granted to UK airports for installation of new security technology

New security technology that allows travelers to bring more liquids onto their flights is being installed at some UK airports, but challenges have arisen due to the slow recovery of the global supply chain from the pandemic. The new scanners announced in 2018 can detect prohibited items more accurately, making security checks more efficient and eliminating the need for passengers to remove items from their hand luggage.

Several airports are facing difficulties in upgrading their security checkpoints by the June 1, 2024 deadline due to issues such as supply chain disruptions. Some airports need significant construction work to accommodate the new equipment, including reinforcing floors and building new screening halls. The Department for Transport has granted extensions to the deadline for airports that require additional time to install the new technology.

The government is considering introducing financial penalties for airports that fail to meet the new deadlines, with powers provided under the Aviation Security Act being explored in the coming months. London City Airport has already completed the deployment of next-generation security scanners, allowing passengers to pass through security without having to remove laptops and liquids from their hand luggage. Passengers are advised to check the security requirements for liquids and large electronic items at their departure airports before traveling.

In conclusion, while some UK airports are facing challenges in implementing new security technology by June 1, 2024 due to supply chain disruptions and other factors, individual airports have been granted extensions and financial penalties may be introduced for those that do not meet the deadline on time.

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