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New Guinness World Record Set For 7 Wonders Of The World In 7 Days

Wonders of the Globe in just 7 days.Travelport

The clock began ticking at the Wonderful Wall of China. When British tv character “Adventureman” Jamie McDonald stepped away from its two,200-year-old stonework, he had just seven days to hit six much more Wonders of the Globe.

In India, he gazed in wonder more than the crowds at the Taj Mahal. In Jordan, the intricate, sandstone facades of Petra spellbound his spirit. And from Italy to Peru to Brazil and Mexico, McDonald ticked off bucket list wonders at a pace that, according to the Guinness Book of Globe Records, is the quickest ever achieved: six days, 16 hours and 14 minutes. Total distance, 22,856 miles. The breakneck journey permitted adequate time for just a single meal that was not on an airplane.

“Although the entirety of the adventure occurred inside such a brief time frame,” mentioned McDonald. “I did have adequate time at every single Wonder to appreciate the beauty of every single web-site and the encounter definitely signified the transformative energy of travel. The actual journey involving every single location and speed of the trip itself was component of the entertaining, and following going to every single wonder, I was that a great deal much more inspired and excited to witness the subsequent a single.”

To claim the record—issued on Might 16—McDonald had to abide by many guidelines. There would be no private jets through this endeavor. Rather, he would have to rely only on publicly obtainable transportation to attain every single location, limit regional taxi rides to a 50km radius and log every single stop by through GPS.

“In my earlier adventures, I’ve run solo across America (the equivalent of 210 marathons) and have cycled 22,000 kilometers from Thailand to the United Kingdom, and however, this was undoubtedly my most complicated, difficult trip however,” mentioned McDonald. “With travel, there are just so several variables – climate, restrictions, delays, customs, site visitors, cancellations, you name it. When you are attempting to set a globe record, speed and agility are definitely important. There was no other companion apart from Travelport that could’ve created this all doable.”

Wonders Challenge,” 2023.Travelport

McDonald claimed the record in partnership with Travelport, a company-to-company application platform that powers solutions equivalent to Expedia and Kayak. Its partners involve corporations like Singapore Airlines, EasyJet and American Airlines, as nicely as hundreds of thousands of other travel suppliers about the globe. McDonald’s “Seven Wonders Challenge,” is now at the forefront of the London-primarily based company’s promoting messaging as the bell cow for the rollout of Travelport+, an upgraded version of its application.

“When we started upgrading our agency partners to Travelport+ in 2021, it was with the intent of producing the difficult travel market a lot easier and quicker to navigate,” mentioned Greg Webb, Chief Executive Officer at Travelport. “This epic adventure was the ultimate test for our platform – could we take the world’s most complicated trip and make it basic? Could we guarantee it was uncomplicated to service? Would the platform be agile adequate to accommodate what ever unforeseen bumps the trip encountered? Six days, sixteen hours and fourteen minutes later, we had our answer: yes, yes and yes. This trip also proves that, following a handful of difficult years for the market, travel is most certainly back and superior than ever.”

According to McDonald, a focal point of the record-breaking trip was a fundraising work for his charity, the Superhero Foundation. As a kid, Jamie was diagnosed with a uncommon spinal situation referred to as syringom, and physicians warned his parents that he may well shed the potential to stroll. By way of the assist of several physicians, hospitals and his household, his overall health enhanced, beginning him on his lifelong mission of providing back to sick little ones about the globe. To kickstart fundraising efforts, Travelport has donated $22,856, a dollar for each mile that Jamie traveled for this challenge. The income will be utilized to continue the charity’s mission: assisting households in will need fund therapies, therapies and gear that are not freely obtainable to them by means of their conventional or regional healthcare help method.

route to stop by the seven wonders of the globe.Travelport

Carbon Influence

Travelport says the calculated carbon influence of McDonald’s journey sits at two,523kg. (An typical flight from New York to London tags in at 986kg whereas a flight from London to Perth ideas the scales at three,153kg, according to German nonprofit Atmosfair.) To offset these emissions, McDonald’s sponsor teamed with Climeworks to take away an equivalent quantity of CO2 from the atmosphere.

“Our commitment to defending the atmosphere is an investment in travel, to guarantee that wanderlust and environmental sustainability go hand in hand,” mentioned Webb. “While Jamie’s trip undoubtedly had an influence on the atmosphere, we had been incredibly nicely ready to guarantee that we much more than offset his carbon footprint. All of Jamie’s trip was performed making use of public transportation, which means that no matter whether he was there or not, these planes, trains, and automobiles would be operating. If everybody that was making use of these modes of transportation had been offsetting their carbon footprint, it wouldn’t just be net neutral, it would be optimistic to the general atmosphere. We encourage everybody to appear at what their individual contribution can be to a sustainable, healthier atmosphere.”

“I embarked on this journey to set a globe record with Travelport, and achieve the challenge that was set ahead of me to advantage my charity, the Superhero foundation,” added McDonald. “I am thrilled that we have succeeded, and especially, mainly because it meant that a particular household would get a life-altering donation if we accomplished the record. Also, the most meaningful component of the trip was experiencing the diverse cultures and extraordinary folks along the way. I was capable to share our journey with other individuals and get handshakes or hugs of help from locals that fueled me along the way.”

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