April 14, 2024 3:15 pm
Gantz, Israeli Minister, Calls for Early Elections

Israel’s Defense Minister Benny Gantz has called for new elections in September to garner international support and reduce divisions within society. He made this announcement during a press conference on Wednesday, highlighting the potential benefits of holding fresh polls.

However, Gantz’s demand has not yet resulted in any immediate consequences. He did not threaten to leave the war cabinet if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not comply with his demands. Nonetheless, Gantz may benefit from new elections as surveys suggest that his center-right National Union party would be the strongest faction.

According to recent polls, Netanyahu’s Likud party is struggling with declining popularity among voters. If new elections were to be held and Gantz maintained his current poll numbers, he could potentially become the next prime minister. The official date for Israel’s next parliamentary election is set for October 2026.

Netanyahu’s Likud party has rejected Gantz’s demands, citing the need to continue government operations until all war goals are achieved. The party believes that an early election could hamper efforts to secure hostage releases and jeopardize national security efforts. Israel’s opposition leader Jair Lapid has also called for a change of government to facilitate hostage releases.

Critics of Netanyahu argue that he bears responsibility for allowing a Hamas massacre on October 7th, despite joining the war cabinet after its start. Despite this accusation, Gantz is viewed as playing a moderating role within the government and advocating for peace negotiations with Hamas leaders.

The political landscape in Israel remains contentious as debates continue over whether new elections should be held and who should lead them.

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