December 7, 2023 4:01 am

Hans K. Reisch, grandson of Spar founder KR Hans F. Reisch, has been appointed as the new CEO of Spar AG with immediate effect. He will work alongside three existing board colleagues Mag. Markus Kaser, Mag. Paul Klotz and Mag. Marcus Wild on the board of directors of Spar AG. The four-person management team will now lead the fortunes of Spar AG, with Reisch serving as CEO.

As a long-time member of the board since 2001 and deputy chairman in 2021, Reisch has already shown success in this role for a year. Prior to his appointment as CEO, Fritz Poppmeier had been on the board and represented Mag. Marcus Wild (61), who is also a member of an owner family and has been on the board since 2021.

Magus Kaser (52) and Magus Paul Klotz (57) are also long-time Spar managers and have been on the board of Spar AG since 2021. The proven management team will now lead the fortunes of Spar AG with four people in charge: Hans K. Reisch as CEO, Magus Kaser as CFO, Paul Klotz as COO, and Marcus Wild as CMO. The departments were partially redistributed in March 2023 and remain unchanged for now.

In other news, Dr Gerhard Drexel has been elected Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Spar Austria after Fritz Poppmeier’s departure due to illness was announced earlier this month. Drexel expressed his gratitude to Mr Poppmeier for his decades of commitment and dedication to the company, wishing him a speedy recovery from his illness.

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