April 20, 2024 2:59 am
Israel requests mediators to pressure Hamas as they present a new truce offer

The Israeli delegation that was sent to Cairo to negotiate a new ceasefire in the Gaza Strip has completed their meetings and will be returning to Israel, as confirmed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office. Netanyahu’s office is urging mediators to put pressure on Hamas to accept the proposed ceasefire.

Despite previous failed attempts at dialogue, Israeli authorities are hopeful for progress through “vigorous action.” The parties have not been able to reach a new agreement similar to the one in November that led to the release of hostages held by Hamas in exchange for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

The negotiations have been described as intense, with representatives of the Intelligence services and the Israeli Army participating. With Egyptian mediation, Israeli mediators have put forward an updated proposal to Hamas.

Netanyahu’s office has reiterated Israel’s commitment to making every effort to secure the release of the Hamas hostages and their safe return.

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