June 23, 2024 9:00 pm
Living space and student dorms available in the newly developed neighborhood of St. Marx

Vienna’s third district, St. Marx, is witnessing the construction of a new district called Neu-Marx on the site of the former Vienna slaughterhouse. The main attraction of this new development is the Arena, a multi-purpose hall for cultural and sporting events. In close proximity to the Arena, Raiffeisen Property Holding International (RPHI) is constructing several new buildings in Karl-Farkas-Gasse.

Among these new structures is the residential building Anton with 73 apartments, which was completed in 2018. Currently under construction is a student dormitory with 418 rooms, operated by Milestone. Additionally, RPHI has planned a hotel in the area as well as the European Handball House and serviced apartments.

The architectural firm Burtscher ZT designed these buildings with an emphasis on sustainability and efficiency. The new developments feature photovoltaic systems, groundwater use, heat pumps, component activation, and water-saving measures to minimize their environmental impact. The nine-story student dormitory houses 418 single and double rooms as well as 40 serviced apartments that are fully furnished. Residents have access to fitness centers, music rooms, multi-purpose spaces as well as a terrace for relaxation.

The European Handball House will serve as the headquarters for the European handball associations and will employ 120 employees from 25 countries. Completion of this building is scheduled for autumn to coincide with the finals of the European Handball Championships held in Vienna.

Overall, Neu-Marx is designed to be sustainable and efficient while integrating modern technologies and green initiatives into its construction and operation.

Karl-Maria Pfeffer CEO of RPHI stated that “Our goal at RPHI is to operate these buildings in an environmentally friendly way.” He emphasized that “We are committed to using modern technologies while minimizing our carbon footprint.” With this focus on sustainability and efficiency, Neu-Marx represents a positive step forward for Vienna’s development efforts.

In conclusion, Neu-Marx presents an exciting opportunity for Vienna to continue its growth while prioritizing sustainability and innovation in its urban planning efforts. With its commitment to eco-friendliness and modernization

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