October 1, 2023 2:56 pm
NBC six South Florida: Ruling by Seminole Tribe Opens Door for Resumption of On the web Sports Betting in Florida

Sports betting in Florida may well turn out to be a reality once again, thanks to a possible relaunch of the Difficult Rock sportsbook by the Seminole Tribe. This would coincide with the hugely lucrative NFL season, with some professionals predicting it could produce more than a billion dollars in income. Having said that, final week, the owners of Magic City Casino and Bonita Springs Poker Space have been denied a rehearing by a complete circuit court. This signifies that on the internet sports betting could potentially resume as early as Monday, according to sports gaming lawyer Daniel Wallach.

Wallach emphasizes the urgency of this choice, stating that delaying till subsequent year would outcome in a loss of income chance exceeding $1 billion. Having said that, he also acknowledges the challenges ahead. Convincing the Supreme Court to hear the case is statistically unlikely, but Wallach believes the case possesses components that could possibly catch the court’s consideration. He highlights the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act as the federal law governing gaming on Indian land, which only permits gambling on such lands.

Opponents of the Seminole Tribe argue that on the internet sports betting really should be permitted across the state, not just restricted to Indian land owned by the tribe. In 2021, the state granted exclusive manage more than all sports betting to the Seminole Tribe. They launched the Difficult Rock Sportsbook app in the course of that year but had to halt operations shortly soon after due to legal challenges from West Flagler, the owners of Magic City Casino and Bonita Springs Poker Space.

The Seminole Tribe expressed satisfaction with the court’s choice but did not disclose any information with regards to a possible relaunch. West Flagler has remained silent with regards to the ongoing legal battle.

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