October 2, 2023 7:13 am
Monday Evening Football Betting: NFL Week two

Monday Evening Football will showcase two divisional games. The 1st game attributes Bryce Young and the Carolina Panthers hosting Derek Carr and the New Orleans Saints in an NFC South showdown. Following that, Cleveland and Pittsburgh, each from the NFC South, will meet in the Steel City.

In each games, the road teams are favored. The Saints are a 3-point preferred in their game against the Panthers, when the Browns are favored by two points in their matchup against the Steelers.

In the course of the Bet the EDGE podcast, Jay Croucher and Vaughn Dalzell discussed the upcoming games. 1 of the important storylines they focused on was the efficiency of Deshaun Watson, the Browns’ signal-caller, against the Steelers’ defense. Croucher expressed his interest in seeing how Watson would fare offered the Steelers’ poor defensive efficiency in their prior game against the San Francisco 49ers.

Dalzell, on the other hand, discussed the two-point spread in the Browns vs. Steelers game. He believed that despite the fact that the Browns had a additional impressive efficiency in Week 1 compared to the Steelers, Pittsburgh would not carry out poorly in back-to-back household games, in particular with their coach, Mike Tomlin’s, robust track record on Monday Evening Football and against the Browns.

The final time the Steelers have been underdogs at household against the Browns was in 2019, and they emerged victorious with a 20-13 win, led by quarterback Devlin Hodges.

Croucher expressed concern about Pittsburgh’s capacity to quit the Browns’ ground game, thinking about their struggles against the 49ers’ rushing attack in the prior game. Even so, Dalzell remained confident in Tomlin’s capacity to navigate comparable circumstances.

In conclusion, the hosts wished everybody enjoyment when watching the games and experiencing the excitement of the outcomes.

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