March 21, 2023 11:18 pm

Virtual Reality constantly seemed like a technologies just out of attain, a lot like nuclear fusion, the flying automobile, or Linux on the desktop. It appears to be gaining steam in the final 5 years or so, even though, with profitable video games from a quantity of providers as nicely as a lot of other virtual reality adjacent technologies that appears to be choosing up steam as nicely like augmented reality. Yet another sign that this technologies may be right here to keep is this virtual reality headset produced for mice.

These are not any ordinary pets out to take a pleasant jaunt via VR, even though. These are lab mice from Cornell University that are assisting to study numerous numerous elements of neuroscience and behavior. The tiny headset is primarily based on a Raspberry Pi and makes use of two compact SPI-primarily based displays with specific lenses selected and mounted especially for a mouse’s field-of-view. The mouse will run on a Styrofoam ball that is attached to a separate set of sensors that can measure elements of its motion.

Though the project is nevertheless a function in progress, it is an exciting option to what would otherwise be a complicated issue to resolve when studying mice in a laboratory setting. The group accountable for this work has produced their project offered to the public as nicely and is asking for some assistance establishing it, which can be located at the project’s GitHub web page. This is not the initial time we’ve noticed rodents interacting with a virtual globe, either. Who could overlook this cryptocurrency-trading hamster?