February 27, 2024 9:54 am
Entrepreneur Launches Glass Blowing Company

Bowling Green, Kentucky is home to a new small business that has captured the attention of locals and visitors alike. Sweaty Glass, owned by Shane Spickard, is the second of its kind in the state and specializes in the art of glass blowing.

Spickard’s passion for glass blowing began during his time at the Appalachian Center for Craft in Smithville, Tennessee. He was immediately captivated by the art form and spent years honing his craft. Now, he has transformed his garage into a one-of-a-kind glass making factory where he creates stunning glass cups, vases, and other decorations using melted glass.

The process of creating these mesmerizing pieces is nothing short of intricate. Spickard starts by heating the glass until it reaches a malleable state. He then adds colorful glass frit to create unique designs and shapes. Using various tools such as wooden blocks and jacks, Spickard carefully sculpts each piece to perfection. Even wet newspaper plays a role in shaping these masterpieces! Blowpipes are used to inflate the vase and add air to help give it shape. After smoothing out any imperfections with a torch, Spickard places each piece in a stove for 12 hours until it cools completely.

Sweaty Glass is located at 144 W 10th Avenue in Bowling Green and offers classes for anyone interested in learning this ancient art form. Whether you’re an experienced glassblower or just starting out, Spickard’s classes are designed to teach you everything you need to know about creating beautiful pieces of your own. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience the beauty and creativity that comes with mastering the art of glass blowing!

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