February 27, 2024 10:07 am
Make free health care access a priority

The cost of health care delivery in Maine has been a growing concern for decades, but the recent poll that showed two-thirds of Mainers are just one major health crisis away from financial disaster has brought the issue to a critical stage. Families dealing with medical emergencies should not have to worry about the cost of health care and planning accordingly. Instead, they should be able to focus on healing and getting better.

The current situation in Maine is not only unfair but also dangerous as it puts families in a difficult position between putting food on the table and paying their medical bills. Despite the efforts of the health care workforce in Maine, legislative action is needed to address this crisis and prevent further harm to families.

L.D. 1955 aims to expand access to free care for qualifying Mainers and prevent unfair debt collection practices and unreasonable repayment plans by hospitals and other health care facilities. This bill is long overdue, and Dr. Shannon Carr emphasizes that action must be taken to allow for more affordable health care in Maine. By taking action, Maine citizens can become stronger and healthier, which will ultimately benefit everyone in the state.

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