October 1, 2023 4:41 pm
Lifestyles: Library to Host five-Portion Technologies Workshop Starting this Saturday

The Santa Maria Public Library is hosting a series of workshops to market digital literacy and help Santa Marians in navigating the digital planet. These workshops will cover a variety of subjects, such as simple elements of a laptop, world wide web looking, and databases. Participants can either use the laptops supplied by the library or bring their personal.

In addition to the workshops, the library will also be supplying a session especially focused on iOS (Apple) devices on October 7th. This session will present strategies and guidance on how to proficiently use these devices.

For these who favor 1-on-1 help, the Public Library provides tech instruction on several subjects, such as setting up new devices, installing apps, and privacy greatest practices. These customized sessions are readily available on the weekends, but appointments have to be produced in advance. To register for these sessions, people can get in touch with the library by telephone.

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