October 1, 2023 10:46 pm
LeSean McCoy Voices Criticism Towards Justin Fields, Separating from Faulting the Bears – NBC Sports Chicago

On Sunday against the Packers, the query of no matter if Justin Fields showed his accurate skills or if it was just a fluke has been raised. LeSean McCoy, a former NFL player turned analyst, holds the belief that Fields’ efficiency against the Packers is an precise representation of who he is as a player now. McCoy dismisses the excuses produced about Fields not getting adequate weapons or a strong offensive line, thinking of them nonsensical.

Throughout an look on Speak Reside, McCoy expressed his thoughts on the matter. He stated that the dilemma lies in the reality that the wide receivers need to have a excellent quarterback, rather than the quarterback needing extra weapons. McCoy believes that Fields is a exceptional athlete and performs exceptionally effectively in fantasy football. Nonetheless, when it comes to the genuine game, Fields ought to be treated equally to how Zach Wilson, yet another quarterback, is regarded.

It is worth exploring how close Fields is to facing the exact same level of criticism that Wilson endured final season with the Jets. Are Bears fans overreacting or is it time for the group to start out thinking of a distinct signal caller? McCoy argues that Fields has nowhere left to hide. The Bears have produced alterations to their offensive line and have players like DJ Moore, Darnell Mooney, and Chase Claypool as choices for Fields. Primarily, they have offered him with all the things he requirements to succeed, and now it is up to him to execute and lead a productive offense.

The query arises: ought to the Bears start out thinking of a distinct quarterback selection? Only the rest of the season will supply an answer to this dilemma. For extra discussions on this subject, you can comply with the Beneath Center Podcast by clicking right here.

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