April 20, 2024 1:00 am
City of Laredo’s poor health ranking highlights need for addressing health challenges

Laredo, Texas is facing significant challenges in its health support system, according to a recent study by WalletHub. The city ranks poorly in key health areas such as affordable medical care, access to mental health counselors, and healthy food options. Additionally, there is a low percentage of physically active adults in Laredo.

Despite these challenges, the Laredo Public Health department is taking proactive steps to address the issues. Dr. Richard Chamberlain, the Public Health Director for the City of Laredo, highlights the urgency of the situation, citing alarming rates of diabetes and obesity compared to national averages.

In response to the findings, the department is launching a Lifestyle Medicine Program to provide resources and support for lifestyle modifications. Dr. Chamberlain emphasizes the importance of factors such as adequate nutrition, physical activity, stress management, sufficient sleep, social connections, and limiting risky behaviors like alcohol and tobacco use for overall health.

Those interested in improving their health can take advantage of programs like “Viviendo Mejor” that promote active living and provide free lab tests. To learn more about Laredo’s health initiatives or to contact the department directly, individuals can visit their website at 956-795-4900 or call them at 2600 Cedar Avenue. For WalletHub’s full report on other cities’ health rankings click here; also check out our other top headlines here. Copyright 2024 KGNS

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