December 7, 2023 4:38 am

Croatian parliamentary representative Sandra Benčić commented on the commemorations of Vukovar and other political events in her country for N1. During her interview, Benčić discussed the tradition of laying wreaths into the Danube the day after the fall of Vukovar, clarifying that it is not meant as a substitute for the SDSS not throwing a wreath but rather to honor all civilian victims of war, especially those who have not yet been found.

Benčić emphasized the importance of finding missing persons and expressed concern about people’s inability to close the past, which she believes destroys them. She also commented on the different ways various political parties commemorate the event and said that as long as no one is offended, each person and party should be allowed to do so in their own way. She criticized certain political parties for what she called a “race to the bottom” and expressed disappointment in politicians who work to sow hatred, division and fear rather than promoting unity.

In addition, Benčić criticized Prime Minister Andrej Plenković’s booing at an event organized by Ivan Penava, calling it extremely inappropriate. She also raised concerns about the uncertain date of upcoming elections and criticized Croatia’s current institutions. Benčić advocated for a change in economic model by turning towards green deindustrialization and creating better-paid jobs in specific industries. Finally, she praised her party for addressing difficult issues such as parent-teacher measures and emphasizing policy that focuses on improving people’s quality of life.

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