February 23, 2024 12:32 am
Jon Stewart Returns and Shares Candid Thoughts on Biden’s Age

As a journalist, I’m excited to inform you that Jon Stewart has made a return to “The Daily Show.” On his first day back, he took the opportunity to share his thoughts on President Joe Biden and the ongoing election race.

Stewart dedicated much of his monologue to President Biden’s age and expressed his skepticism about the praise that Biden’s allies have heaped on him. Despite this, he also outlined the many ways in which Biden differs from his opponent, stating that while Biden has lost a step, Trump regularly says things that would warrant a wellness check at his own rallies.

In addition to this, Stewart also highlighted Trump’s numerous legal troubles and indictments. He seemed to feel that as the stakes of the election are so high, it’s important to scrutinize both candidates even more heavily.

While some may see Stewart equating the aging president with his opponent in his commentary, he made clear in his monologue the specific ways in which Biden is not like Trump. Overall, Stewart’s return to “The Daily Show” promises to bring fresh insights and perspectives on the ongoing election race.

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