May 24, 2024 1:07 am
Alarming Report on Israel’s Health System Ranking at the Bottom of OECD Countries

Israel has a lower rate of hospital beds per thousand people compared to the average of developed countries. The country ranks fourth from the bottom, with South Korea leading the list. Germany follows closely behind with 5.8 beds per thousand people, alongside other countries such as Lithuania, Austria, Belgium, and Slovakia. In terms of psychiatric hospitalization beds, Israel has 0.3 beds per thousand inhabitants, compared to a higher average of 1.3 beds in countries like South Korea and Belgium. The OECD average for psychiatric hospitalization beds is only 0.1 beds per thousand people. Similarly, Israel has 0.3 rehabilitation beds per thousand people, which is below the OECD average of 0.5.

The Ministry of Health plans to add 1,790 additional hospital beds in the next five years, bringing the total number of general hospital beds in Israel to around 17,500. Additionally, 300 beds will be added in rehabilitation departments, with new centers opening in Jerusalem and the north. Another 245 beds are expected to be added in psychiatric wards, mostly in general hospitals. Minister of Health Uriel Bosso stated that Israel is undergoing a complex period but efforts are being made to improve the healthcare system and provide better quality medical care.

Director General Moshe Bar Siman Tov emphasized the importance of adding more hospital and rehabilitation beds to improve medical services in Israel and increase the number of medical personnel. The Ministry is also working on increasing the number of medical students and specialist doctors in all fields and regions of the country.

Overall, the goal is to enhance the health system by increasing accessibility to medical care and addressing future challenges through investment in additional hospital and rehabilitation bed capacity.

In conclusion, despite having a lower rate of general hospital beds compared to other developed countries like South Korea and Germany

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