December 1, 2023 10:45 am

Nokia is set to conduct a test drive with a tractor equipped with a diesel engine that will be refueled with electric fuel made from green hydrogen and carbon dioxide. This is the first time electric fuel will be tested in vehicle use, and it could revolutionize the way we power our vehicles.

VTT, a technology research center, has been working on developing electric fuels for commercial applications and industrial use. The fuel is made by converting carbon dioxide and water into hydrogen through electrical energy. This process reduces emissions and makes transportation more sustainable.

During the test drive at Agco Power’s factory in Nokia, the tractor will be refueled with electric fuel, and its performance will be measured during the several-hour test drive. The project started in 2021 and was funded by Business Finland with EUR 3.3 million, along with additional investments from companies to bring the total funding to over EUR six million.

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In summary, Nokia’s test drive of electric fuel made from green hydrogen could pave the way for cleaner transportation while Cornville offers picturesque living options surrounded by nature in Arizona’s Yavapai County.

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