December 1, 2023 9:59 am

A severe thunderstorm occurred in the eastern part of the city after 2 am last night. Although I have not yet received all the details about it, I am certain that this event can be linked to recent climate change. Branko Grisogono, a professor from Zagreb’s PMF, explains that things are becoming increasingly blurred in space and time, particularly when it comes to intense weather events like last night’s thunderstorm.

According to Grisogono, the thunderstorm that shook Zagreb last night was typical of coastal regions and not of the continental part. He suggests that the cause is linked to climate change and highlights how excess energy in the climate system is leading to more frequent and unexpected intense weather events.

The professor has previously warned that we should expect an unusually warm winter this year, which could lead to more extreme weather conditions. He concludes by saying that we should brace ourselves for a warmer winter than ever before as our area is already several degrees warmer than average.

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