May 24, 2024 12:43 am
Boston Sports History Declares Classic Patriots Uniform as Best-suited

The iconic uniform of the 1985 Patriots has been voted as the best in Boston sports history. Despite their recent success, the classic choice emerged as the winner in a bracket of Boston’s best sports uniforms.

The 1985 Patriots wore red jerseys and iconic “Pat Patriot” helmets, representing the old school New England professional football look. They defeated the “Bobby Orr Bruins Era” uniforms in the final to claim victory. The final stats showed that the ’85 uniforms won with a narrow margin of 57-43.

The 1985 Patriots had a tough road to victory, being given a lower seed and facing challenging opponents throughout the competition. However, they overcame this obstacle and emerged as the clear winner in the end.

Looking at other results, it was revealed that the closest matchup in the bracket was between the 2011 Bruins and Bobby Orr Era Bruins. Despite a tight race, with only 16 votes separating them out of 3,566 votes, it was ultimately decided that “Bobby Orr Era” uniforms narrowly won out for supremacy in this category.

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