April 20, 2024 5:16 am
The Team Behind Amazon’s Just Walk Out Technology is Dominated by AI Experts

There is a secret world of AI that most people are unaware of, filled with millions of humans who work tirelessly to keep these systems running smoothly. These individuals, often hired as contractors, play a crucial role in the operation of AI systems, despite remaining largely unknown to the public.

Recently, The Information reported on Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology, which allows customers to simply grab items from a store shelf and walk out without having to go through a traditional checkout process. What many people may not realize is that this technology relies heavily on the efforts of over 1,000 workers in India. These workers were tasked with watching and labeling videos to ensure the accuracy of the checkouts.

When questioned by Gizmodo about the involvement of these workers, Amazon described Just Walk Out as using “computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning” on its website. However, when pressed for more details about the human element in the process, the company explained that the workers were annotating videos to help enhance the system and that they only intervened in a “small minority” of shopping visits when the AI was unable to determine a valid purchase.

This revelation sheds light on the often-hidden role that human workers play in AI systems. While companies may tout their technology’s capabilities, it is essential to recognize the behind-the-scenes work done by individuals who are vital to their functioning. The reliance on human intervention highlights

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