April 22, 2024 1:02 am
Nasrallah delivers impromptu speech, warns “Israel is on the verge of disaster”

On April 3, the Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, delivered an impromptu speech. The media outlets in Lebanon and Israel have quoted his statements, highlighting his views on the Zionist enemy and their failure to comply with the UN Security Council resolutions and international community demands.

Nasrallah emphasized that the armed conflict on the Lebanese-Israeli border will end only if Israel stops its military activities in Gaza and other fronts. He argued that some people focus solely on casualties and ignore the achievements of resistance. Nasrallah mentioned Al-Aqsa flood as a significant impact that brought Israel close to extinction.

Nasrallah urged for a determined effort to emerge victorious in battle, emphasizing the need to defeat the Zionist enemy and those who support them. He stressed on strategy and unity to achieve their goals. His speech has sparked discussions and debates in both Lebanon and Israel, with his strong words resonating with his followers while sparking controversy among critics.

In conclusion, Nasrallah’s impromptu speech highlighted the importance of defeating the Zionist enemy and those who support them to achieve victory in battle. He emphasized strategy, unity, and a determined effort as key factors towards achieving their goals. The media has quoted his statements extensively, sparking discussions and debates among both Lebanese and Israeli communities.

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